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Lauren Ferrero

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I heard about the magnolia incentive at a year 12 assembly, where we all were encouraged to enter for the chance to get a bursary. I put my name down because I thought it was an oppurtunity too good to be missed. When I was getting ready for the interviews, I was really scared of meeting the people who would decide to help me financially at university; but when I got there they were great, and the day was far more enjoyable than I expected. Although it was a competition, we all had a great time and some real laughs. When I was told that I was one of the winners, I was given 500, which Mandy said could be spent on anything, or simply saved. I decided to put this towards experience for my degree (in Ancient History and Archaeology) by taking part in an archaeological dig in Pompeii with Bradford University.

I think that the Magnolia Incentive is a fantastic idea, the amount of confidence that it's given me to face the thought of going to university is a great help. Even though I'm not going far from home, I'll be completely free to pursue my hobbies, to go out with my friends and to enjoy my time with my fellow students without constantly worrying about money or finding a job so much. If anyone's reading this wondering whether or not to apply for this scheme, I say 'go for it'! Not only do you have the chance of easing your money worries, but you'll also get a fantastic mentorship program; which means that you can ask someone for help with your studies or even your personal worries.

I feel so lucky that I'm on this course, you might be too. | Martin Gill 07983 478571 | Mandy Parker 07834 771818

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