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Lizzy Knight Nee McCloskey

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My name is Lizzie Knight and I was lucky enough to win the bursary in 2006 before leaving Exmouth to start my Theology Degree at Cardiff University.

Winning the bursary meant I had money to help me be more independent in my first few years away from home. While the bursary helped me through my course, I feel that it is not the money I valued the most. Being part of the Magnolia Incentive meant that support was always at hand if I needed it, whether that be a phone call to my mentor or a quick lunch with Mandy and Martin when they were in town.

I have made and kept several friends who have learned to support and help each other as a result of the programme. There were several moments, particularly in the first year of my course, in which I was  unhappy and unsure about whether I had made the right decision and I genuinely feel that I would not be where I am today if it had not been for the advice and help from the members of the Magnolia Incentive.

Since finishing my degree, I completed my PGCE and have just entered my fourth year as a Religion teacher in a secondary school in Salisbury.

This summer I got married back in Exmouth and was thrilled that Magnolia members were there to support me. | Martin Gill 07983 478571 | Mandy Parker 07834 771818

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