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Ross Bright

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Applying was the hard part! I was nervous on the interview day but it turned out to be exciting and so much fun. Meeting you all; interesting, successful and inspirational individuals, what a powerful incentive for myself. I knew at that point participating wasn’t enough and that the MI was about going the extra mile and taking chances, knowing you have a network of people cheering you on. I was, and still am a little, taken aback at how comfortable I am in your presence; it was like you all knew me already!

Although the whole University experience is exciting and terrifying at the same time I know I am ready and even when I have a peter pan moment, where I don’t want to grow up, I only have to think about the investment you are making to remember I have potential, because you said so!

The money, well that gives me room to be able to focus and concentrate on my studies, without having to work part time, for which I am really, really grateful. However I now realise that the best, and far more important part is the support, networking, pastoral care, call it what you will but it’s you guys, being there, providing me an extended family to call on, share successes and ask advise. Your professionalism, knowledge and expertise and most of all guidance, mentoring and friendships - You will provide me the opportunity to breathe and enjoy the next phase of my life. | Martin Gill 07983 478571 | Mandy Parker 07834 771818

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