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Vikki Hewitt

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Everyone knows that most careers are extremely hard to get into, either through the amount of time and work that needs to be put in or simply by knowing the right people - one of the most difficult being the entertainment industry.

I am a singer/songwriter and my help from the Magnolia Incentive came in the form of a generous donation to be put towards music equipment of my choice and a day's recording with top producer Steve Williams who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears and Sting. With new equipment and software I would never have dreamt of owning and a pristine demo I was set to go off to The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford to do my Vocals Degree. I wouldn't have been able to do coursework as easily or deliver demos of new songs to publishers without the opportunity I was given through the MI; which enabled me to purchase recording software, a new electric piano, leads and a microphone as well as essential resources needed for my course.

The MI really gave me a kick start into believing my true potential; just having the knowledge that other people believed in what I want to do in life made it that much easier to stay positive and start working towards a dream I had wanted to live for so many years... | Martin Gill 07983 478571 | Mandy Parker 07834 771818

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