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Will Shut

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My passion in life is film and film production. It's more than just a career venture as it's supported me in all aspects of life. Film, like the many other arts, is not as clear-cut when it comes to a career path. It can often be difficult to find opportunities to show case your work and talent without any form of support. However The Magnolia Incentive did exactly that. They gave me the opportunity to make a film, but more importantly a film that I could put myself into without any restrictions. It was a unique chance for me to create a project with no boundaries or limits, which ultimately led to me learning loads about the subject and myself. Lessons that cannot be taught by textbooks or exercises but by an experience itself. However producing and making films is very similar to team sports. It can't be achieved solely on your own.

The funding from The Magnolia Incentive that enabled me to create my project not only helped and supported me but the mini community that came with the film. The year I took to achieve my project allowed me to progress far further in ways I couldn't have imagined and this would never have happened without the support from the scheme. I am currently studying BA Film Production at The Arts University College at Bournemouth. | Martin Gill 07983 478571 | Mandy Parker 07834 771818

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